"best" wipe method

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I have a few boxes of ide hard drives to wipe.
I need to wipe them "effectively" ie not be recover with "readily available software" - eg most stuff on sourceforge, unformat etc. This is for end of lease return to equipment owner. Information on hard drives is potentially litigous but not a threat to life or national safety.

which wipe should i use - dod 5220-22.M is the only method that "sounds" familiar to me but from what I can work out it is pattern based so is not as good as something that writes "random pattern" to the hard drive.

What are the pros and cons of each method?

I am happy enough to get 4 hdd's done during work time and another 4 hdd's done "overnight" - so far with 4x ide hdd's hooked up I get about 3 hours for DoD 5220-22M.