Beta 6.0.4 rc-4 build 875 Error


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I have little experience in using forums. Please excuse if I posted this incorrectly.
I used 5.8 for a long time w/no probs. Lately, 5.8 has been locking up and then crashing explorer.exe when trying to erase big fiels (ie movie clips).

I uninstalled 5.8v and installed the Beta with the root cert.
Beta 6.0.4 returns the following when I try to run it:
"Completed with errors" Logfile shows "cannot erase comressed, encrypted or sensefiles with eraser.
To the best of my knowledge, these files don't fave any of those problems.
I reinstalled the old 5.8 and can erase normally, as long as it doesn't lock up on a huge file.
Running XP pro on a PC
Chances are your files are compressed. Check that NTFS compression isn't enabled. This is a known problem - there isn't an acceptable way of erasing such files from Eraser. Those aren't problems, they are normal file attributes. Check those in file properties. If you want to unset those attributes, please run a free space erase when you are done to ensure that the old files are not left behind.

Thx for the quick response Joel! I'll check those settings about the compression.
I do not understand why they will erase with 5.8 but not at all with the new beta.
Just so I'm clear.......when the disk cleanup utility says "compress old files" is this the same compression you refer to?
Yes it is that type of compression. 5.8 could deal with it to some extent, but my research shows that for a few files you end up corrupting the drive or locking up Windows. That's why support for such files was removed in v6.