Better Safe Than Sorry - HELP!

Mr. Satan

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I recently saw Eraser advertised in PC Magazine, and I'm all about tweaking my system and maintaining it well for max performance so I decided to try it. I wanna use it but I am confused on what exactly does clearing UNUSED FILE SPACE do? I have a good idea but I don't trust free programs and I don't wanna get my HD wiped out.
Hate to say it, but if wiping the "free space" on your harddrive actually somehow wiped out everything else as well, then these forums would be alight with flames!

As it is, wiping free space does exactly that, wipes the free space not being occupied by programs. Files etc. that were previously deleted will then be permanantly removed beyond recovery.

If you want to get a reasonable idea as to what deleted stuff is still recoverable on your harddrive, then read my recent posting entitled "Restoration", and follow the link included and try out the Restoration program. Trust me, you'll be surprised at just what can be recovered from a harddrive that hasn't been wiped by a program such as Eraser.
Better safe than sorry

Mr. Satan
Regarding your statement " I don't trust free programs " , many of the free programs are the best available. From Eraser to anti-spyware to firewalls etc, most of the good ones are made by people who really believe the internet should be free, and access to quality software is a right, not a privelege for those who will pay for it. The best firewalls and anti-virus I have used are free programs. I have also found office programs and browsers that are free and better than the ones from the big money programs. It's the big companies that just want your money, and control of the industry that you shouldn't trust.
BTW, I have been using the eraser program for about 6 months. It does what you tell it to do, just be sure of what you want to erase, and it should be fine.