Big problems


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I was wanting to sell a computer (Vista) but didn't really want to wipe all the programs off, so I found Heidi eraser and used it to wipe the free space clean. In all honesty I didn't check to see how much free space I had on a 250gig hard drive, but after I used Eraser, it seems like it's now taken all my free space. Before I ran the Eraser, I had moved or deleted all photos, music, documents, data, games, leaving only programs. After running Eraser I only had 6 gigs of free hard drive, but the next time I looked I only had 4, and then I only had 1.7 -- and there was nothing I had done in the meantime to change anything. I can't find what the heck is taking up my free hard drive, except that I think it's something that Eraser has done with all my free space. I have finally deleted Eraser completely and decided that I'll just have to wipe my hard drive completely and reinstall, except I now don't have enough free space to install a new Windows 7..... any suggestions? Does Eraser use up all my free space in "erasing it"? If so, all your data did not tell me that so you should make it clear to the next user. Sorry to apparently be a bit more stupid than I thought I was.
That's how Eraser works, to clear the free space. I do believe that it is documented in the FAQs somewhere (though the exact link eludes me at this point as I'm in a rush)

I assumed you stopped the erasure before it completed; in those situations Eraser should clean up after itself, but if it does not, viewtopic.php?f=35&t=6215 will tell you how to reclaim the space.