Bit, What Bit???


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OK, for those who regularly do computer stuff & are fluent in RAM, ROM, whatever, this is all so simple. But for the rest of us.......

Does one download the 32 Bit version for WindowsXP or the 64 Bit version?

What is the difference? Does it matter?
Hi Rubicon

You need to download the 32 bit version.

Although if I were you I would wait a couple of weeks for the new Eraser 5.85 final version.
If you want a more in depth explanation... here it is.

The "bit" number represents the "largest" number your CPU can process natively (i.e., without supporting code). 32 bit CPUs can hold something like 4 billion, 64 bit CPUs can do like... 18446744073709551615. omputers think in base 2, so 32 bit computers can do 2^32 - 1, 64 bit computers can do 2^64-1.

Most computers now are 32bit, owing to the fact that 64 bit CPUs only hit the market relatively recently (last few years) and that migration isn't the simplest.

The good thing however is that chances are if you don't know what 64 bit and 32 bit is... you probably can get the 32 bit version, no questions asked :)