blank webpage after using eraser


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A friend of mine used eraser. After that, she gets a grey page when opening some websites, also zonealarm don't show text anymore!

What could be the solution?
Have you tried a re-boot? Mine acts weird after a freespace wipe, until I re-boot.
This looks like a bug in Windows font handling. It fails to display TrueType fonts properly after Eraser has touched them while erasing cluster tips. As suggested, rebooting should fix the problem.
Rebooting should be enough, having the Eraser program installed has nothing to do with this.
Another friend of mine (I promote eraser quite a lot :lol: :lol: ) had the same problem. While erasing his usused discspace, he couldn't see anything while surfing on certain sites. A reboot did solve this problem!!
Now I wonder why they have this problem and I don't?! What is the reason for this strange behaviour??? (We all use winxp and the latest version of eraser).
Like I said, it seems to be a Windows bug. I have seen it on some systems, while others don't have similar symptoms.

Garrett, maybe there should be an option to ignore .TTF files (or any files the user wants, for that matter) when erasing cluster tips, just to work around the bug?
Oh, another way to work around the problem is to disable cluster tip erasing when overwriting the unused disk space.
Thanks ... we'll disable cluster tips area.
Still got one question :oops: what its the difference between erasing with cluster tips area enabled/disabled?
The cluster tip is the unused portion of a cluster. When a new file is created Windows reserves a cluster / block of HD space. Example : Fat32 min cluster size = 4k , you save a file that is 3k Windows reserves 4k and only uses 3k, leaving you with a 1k cluster tip.

Enableing cluster tips would erase this 1k cluster tip.
I had the same problem when I erased all my free space, Internet explorer did not load pages correctly and I thought that I would have to system restore. I simply rebooted my system and the problem went away.