Block eraser auto-run


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I understand that eraser is designed to automatically run when the computer starts, and that that's the reason it doesn't give you the option to disable it.

However, I don't like programs that automatically run when I start my computer. I use eraser incidentally and I do not use the schedule feature at this moment.

I use CCleaner to block programs that do not have the option to disable auto-run. Now my question is: Will I run into trouble if I block eraser from auto-running in this way?
Most of Eraser's problems with it blocked should have already been resolved in 6.0.8; there used to be a problem with earlier versions but AFAIK that's been resolved. If you do encounter problems do let us know -- it is not an explicitly supported scenario, but since users are asking for it pretty intently I will see how best to accommodate this particular feature (though not to the extent of supporting it)