Boot and Nuke CD




I have an external cd burner on my laptop with CDburnerXP installed but when i double click on the .iso file to burn to cdr a window pops up asking me to choose the program to open with.

I then choose CDburnerXP but when i burned the file and opened the cdr to check i only saw 1 file and it didn't work?

Plz can someone help?
1) Open CDburnerXP Pro
2) Put blank cd in drive
3) In CDburnerXP Pro elect "create data CD/DVD
4) go to the "file" menu and select "Write Disk from ISO image"
4) In the "Write ISO Image" dialogue click on the button marked "..." at the top and browse to the Dban Iso and select it
5) Write the CD

Now boot of th newly created DBAN cd and wipe the hard drive in question