Boot CD? appriciate some help


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Hey lads and ladies!

I need to erase my HD on my laptop (or at least some stuff off it) allthough the laptop itself is currently having problems loading windows (after i enter the user password etc) so i can not download and run eraser directly on my laptop. i was wondering if it is possible to put eraser on a portable CD on my pc? then i could maybe boot from the CD when the laptop is starting up.

i will be turning my laptop over soon and it will be fixed then used so i would love to take all the bank info/personal files off the laptop before i hand it over. maybe there is another method i can use? i seen someone talking about something called "DBAN" in another thread, could this be in any way useful in my situation? i wouldn't mind deleting the whole HD, but i'm not sure if it's possible to put that on a boot CD either.

thanks in advance!
You can download the DBAN iso file and burn it to a bootable CD. This will permanently delete all the contents of your drive so be careful. Also, if your hard drive supports it you can use HDDerase which uses the built it erase function of the hard drive. HDDerase is alot faster than DBAN. See the Readme link for more info.

Eraser 5 had a DBAN implementation, so there is a companion forum to this one which gives advice and information on DBAN. Sadly, DBAN is not currently supported, and there is no sign that it will ever be developed further. We really need a version of Eraser that will run from a boot disk, but that is probably a long term project.