booting with a cd-r



i'm having a lot of trouble getting dban to boot from a cd-r. i double clicked the cdr/rw iso, nero started, it burned a cd, but the cd didn't boot. my floppy drive is going bad, so i can't make a floppy image. i've gone through serveral cd's from several sights, and i would really like to use this wonderful tool. please help.[/i]
Run the BIOS setup program, usually by pushing <F2> or <DEL> immediately after you power-on the the computer, and change the boot order so that the CD-ROM drive is checked before the hard drive.

Many computers default to:

1. Diskette Drive
2. Hard Drive
3. ROM Drive

Change it to:

1. ROM Drive
2. Diskette Drive
3. Hard Drive
the boot sequence is already in that order, but it still doesn't work. any other suggestions?
Try another disc that should be bootable, like your Microsoft Windows installation media. When you find something that works, report back.