Bug in Custom Erasure Methods


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If I use Creating Custom Erasure Methods, then I use my new method to erase a file, I obtain a division by zero (in 32 and 64 bit version).
Can You correct this bug?
Thank You
There were a lot of custom erasure method editor bugs fixed in trunk, perhaps you should try a (6.0) nightly build and see if it's resolved.
Eraser (6.0)
Eraser (6.2)
have the same problem of Eraser (in 32 bit XP SP3)
The 5.8.8 work perfectly in 32 bit XP SP3.
Can I use 5.8.8 in win7 64 bit hoping You correct this bug?
I install in Win7 64 bit, found a bug, and the program automatically is uploading a crash report (the upload is very slow).
If the crash report is being uploaded let it, I'll go check later today and see if I can solve it. Thanks!