Bug in Eraser 5.7 still not fixed.



I decided I waited long enough for the bug in Eraser 5.7 to get fixed and changed to BCwipe.
Just to refresh...
It seems to only affect a fully patched & updated Win2000 installation.
After installing Eraser 5.7, Explorer.exe hangs when attempting to access any file menu.
Anyway, another 6 months of programming and I can probably fix it myself. 8)
You all have a Good new Year.
Same here. I have never experienced the feared Explorer hang problem with any version of Windows. Even with the background entropy polling option enabled.
It hangs if XP Pro upgrades to SP2

It does in fact hang explorer.exe when you upgrade to SP2 on WinXP Professional. It did it for me when I upgrade over the holidays. Solution is to disable the 'Context Menu' 'Eraser Shell Extension'. Everything is then fine.

Hope this gets fixed.
I had similar problem with WinServer2003 where background entropy polling is switch on.

As in above comments, I removed explorer right click option and disabled entropy pollling. So far, a couple of hours work, I can wrok normally.

The main symptoms being WinKey does not respond, right click on file or directory does not respond, cannot change files names or directory names in explorer, but dos shell is not affected.

Mike B