Bug in Eraser ?

Dirk Felix

New Member
I had plugged in an old C-drive with Windows 7 installed that I wanted to erase. In my explorer it popped up as drive I. However, this drive being an old windows drive it had Windows shortcuts (or registered links or whatever Windows is using nowadays) to the C-drive. I'm talking about shortcuts to system folders like the one in Users\<user ID>\AppData\Local where there's a shortcut to "Application Data".

The problem is that instead of erasing the link itself (if it's even an actual file), Eraser actually started erasing the data behind the link, on my own Windows C-drive.
Obviously that's really not desired behavior. Luckily I had a backup although I noticed too late that some data was gone so I already had to reinstall or reregister a few applications (the backup I had was already updated in the meantime). Luckily no vital data was gone but this shouldn't happen!

Eraser should never follow a link if it points to a different drive. Or even better, should never follow a link whatsoever. If the linked data needs to be erased, the actual existing folder should be selected, and not the link. When the link is selected, only the link should be erased. Well, at least in my opinion.

I'm using version
Open to debate as its a feature to follow the link in explorer and some users asked for this exact feature.