Bug in New Method Editor



I'd like to create my own New Method Editor. I click Add and the new dialog appears.

The bug is I can't edit the number of passes.

I'm using v5.7 on W2k.


1. Click on your New Method and click Edit
2. Now click Add - Result: Another Data method is added and that now means that you have created another pass.
3. Click Add again and you have created yet another Data method and therefore another pass.
4. Keep clicking Add until you create the number of passes you need.
What I'm saying is that you have to create a new type of Data entry so that is a pass in itself. You can't just create one Data entry and change the pass from say 1 to 20. You must create 20 individual entries by clicking Add.

You might decide to make one of those passes a Pseudorandom pass etc.
You can then delete any of these Data mehods by clicking on it and then clicking Delete.

I hope this helps explain it.