Bug in Scheduler



I recently installed Eraser on Windows 2000 Professional and scheduled it to erase the contents of a users ../Recent folder at reboot. This appeared to be causing problems so I removed this taks from the scheduler, howerver Eraser continues to try to erase the contents of this directory at reboot.

I tried un-installing Eraser and re-installing and creating a new list of scheduled tasks, but Eraser seems to be getting its instructions from another file that is not removed by un-install. I would seem that this file allows tasks to be added, but not removed.

It appears that the only way I can prevent Eraser from erasing the contents of this folder now is to un-install eraser completly from the system.

Does anyone have another solution?

Eraser uses the registry to govern things that happen at bootup / login. I think that somehow the entry got 'left behind' when you tried to delete the task. Download Startup Control Panel - http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml

It lets you see all of you startup items and lets you edit / delete / disable all of the entries it finds.
I remember seeing similar reports here before. Garrett, are there any plans to take a closer look at this problem?