BUG: Uninstall / Scheduler bug - all versions


There is a bug in the way that eraser handles the default.ers file which contains details on scheduled wipes, when you uninstall and then re-install eraser. This
bug results in previous installs scheduled tasks still taking place but not showing up in the Schedule list

Taking a set up with any version of eraser with at least one scheduled task. For testing purposes, a file set to wipe on reboot is best.

1) Uninstall eraser, this removes all files but the program files'\eraser\default.ers file
2) Install any other version of eraser.
3) Viewing scheduled tasks shows a blank list
4) reboot
5) watch as files listed to be erased on boot are wiped despite not being listed in scheduled task

suggested solution.
Modify the uninstall routine to remove the program files\eraser directory and all files it contains.
With me I have a task scheduled and it Eraser doesn't preform it. But the scheduler says it preformed the Task. I do all the tasks on demand now, and I check to make sure the tasks gets done.