Build an AutoNuke Disk?!


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Hey all,
Once upon a time I built an autonuke disk, and now, many years later, our computer disposal department wants another to wipe drives before re-purposing them.
Over the years I must have gotten rusty, because I simply can't piece one together.

Does anyone know if a step by step guide to making an autonuke disk? The short how-to on the site isn't doing it...
Or, if anyone has a working autonuke ISO they'd like to share I'll send FTP or Dropbox public folder information via PM!

Thanks for everything,
~ Aaron
University of Wyoming Information Technology.
I don't think you understood the original question.

With the current CD ISO, we cannot modify the ISOLINUX.CFG or we get an MD5 checksum failed error. We don't get this on the floppy.

He wants to find a way to modify the current ISO's ISOLINUX.CFG so that he can set:

DEFAULT autonuke

I'm looking for the same solution (but dod instead of autonuke).