Building Eraser

There were some files missing from v5.6 source code distribution the last time I checked, Garrett promised to fix this though.
Thanks Garrett

I am usinb VS 2002 also.

I was able to build the program, but I had to change a couple of lines of code
for includ files to point to the folder that they are in. In particular, resource.h.

I don't know if doing this is correct.
That should be correct.

I assume all compiled ok.

Here I just installed VS2003 and recompiled. The next version will have VC2003 format files which seem to be different to the VC2002 format.
- More problems. :)

Not sure if I will be able to have VS 2003 anytime soon. They don't offer the cheap upgrade if you currently have the academic version, and the cost of upgrading from VS 6 is outrageous.
With a view to reducing the cost of people developing eraser further,
I made a serious attempt to convert the entire project to a very low cost c compiler see

I abandoned the project after finding too many problems with the compiler and issues with upgrading the dll's. Since then they have had new releases etc so it might be worth looking at again.

This route would make a very inexpensive option for students and others who cannot afford the price of the latest Microsoft compilers.