burning dban iso onto disk with other data


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i have dban 1.0.7 iso to burn to disk. I use nero7 and when i double click the dban iso it opens with my poweriso program. So i right click, open with nero 7 it asks me to choose recorder. I choose the device and it replies sorry this nero version can only be used with the recorder it was bundled with. when i open nero i can burn cds dvds i am currently burning a movie as i type no problem. I purchased the copy of nero so what can be done. Also i have some small tools and apps and programs that i would also like to burn to the same cd is this advisable.
Start Nero, if the New Compilation screen pops up then close it, click on Recorder, then click Burn Image, point it to the ISO file and it will burn it to your default burner.

The other issue is that ISO files are snapshots, so by default it won't burn to a CD with other info and you won't usually be able to add other apps. PowerISO will allow you to edit the ISO to add other apps, but you will probably have to set up a multiboot CD with an operating system that will allow you to use the other apps, as they won't be available from within DBAN. PowerISO may have instructions for setting up a multiboot CD, or you can search for the instructions online. There is a popular site for this by someone named Bart.