burning dban iso onto disk with other data


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i have dban 1.0.7 iso to burn to disk. I use nero7 and when i double click the dban iso it opens with my poweriso program. So i right click, open with nero 7 it asks me to choose recorder. I choose the device and it replies sorry this nero version can only be used with the recorder it was bundled with. when i open nero i can burn cds dvds i am currently burning a movie as i type no problem. I purchased the copy of nero so what can be done. Also i have some small tools and apps and programs that i would also like to burn to the same cd is this advisable.

edit : I can load the iso in a virtual drive and use burn image copy cd options in nero express. Will this suffice? The disk i burned at time of posting plays fine. Hills have eyes two avi burned on data cd. Oh yeah i dont know y the forum posted two threads :?:

again TIA