But how well does it work?



"given enough time, knowhow & money data can be recovered"

That is a quote i see popping up quite often. Im just curious....has any proper testing been done on dban. eg dban is ran on a hd then an attempt has been made to recover the wiped data using either special software or hardware?
Most people that can afford to perform advanced recovery techniques will never publish the results, or even admit to having tried DBAN.

That said, DBAN users have reported positive results with tools like Encase.

At least one large organization has run performance trials with DBAN and many other similar products. This revealed one bug that will be fixed in the dban-1.0.1 release.

If you (the lurkers) have rigorously tested DBAN, then please tell me about the results.
DBan and ENCase

When you say "positive" result with ENCase do you mean that ENCase was unable to recover data after DBan use? Or was it only partially successful? I write Medico-legal reports and want 100% removal of data.
In this case, "positive" means "we used it, and it didn't report any problems".

I don't have a license for this product, so I can't say anything past that.

If you need 100% removal, then you need to physically destroy your media.