C Drive almost full


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My laptop has been running pretty slow lately and my C Drive seems to be almost full, I have tried deleting loads of old files/programmes etc but whatever I do cant free up any space.

I installed your eraser and used it a couple of times, could the problem above be related to the eraser, maybe I didnt use the eraser properly, is there anything you could recommend me to do? I've tried disk clean up etc but whatever I do doesnt seem to free up any space.
Is this useful to you? If there's no change then chances are it's not Eraser.
Hi yes I found it sort of useful, just can't find a file which is using up the space, thats if there is a file anyway. My usage on C:/ are as follows...

23.8GB (Windows)
4.95GB (Programme files)
14.6GB (Users)

Well, they are the larger sort of folders, I only have a basic knowledge of computers and in files like Programme Files there are a lot of file names which are just letters and dont know what I have to keep and what to delete.
You'll probably just need a new drive then, if you can't find anything extra on your drive. Eraser wouldn't be of much use to you.