C:/ Drive Full after Erase


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I recently ran an erase of the unused space on my C:/ drive, and the task status showed completed with errors and filled up my disk with 25 G of whatever. Now I have no room left at all. I've tried some of the suggestions from the FAQ already. Running a one-pass without cluster tips did not restore, and the task still completes with errors. I'm using version Hard disk uses FAT. What do I do? Windows XP
In v6 we randomize even the folder that holds the temporary files used for erasing to achieve a little more deniability. There should be a folder in your root which uses up all the "lost" space, and the files in there are all 216MB (add or remove a few bytes, except one last file which is smaller) and all of them with garbage names each 18 letters long. You'll want to delete that folder to get your space back.

I've got the same problem, and I'm trying to diagnose the error behind it. Meanwhile, this is the workaround.

Eraser Version: 5.86.1
Windows: Vista

I just experienced the same problem described above: Eraser was unable to erase all files and now I lost around 100GB (!) of drive space.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the implied folder with the 216MB files on my system using Windows Search and including all items (visible/ invisble).

One bit of info: I can right-click my trash and choose to erase files in my trash can (which are not visible) and some of the names showing up in the following process where among those which could not be erased. However, the predicted time of the process is 3000mins for one file (jpeg) -- way too long.

Could somebody please help?

Thanks a lot!!!
For v5 there's a folder ~ERAFSWD.TMP which contains all the dump files used to clean your disk free space