C root full of files


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I have Eraser 5.7 and when it was running, I stopped it. After reboot, when I tried to start windows xp, my cpu tells me that I'm missing NTLDR.

I know, that Eraser puts files to C:\ root, and thats why the root gets fragmanted, but I have not found the way to erase those files. Yesterday, I tried to erase them with eraserd in DR-DOS, but all I get is this response

eraserd: failed to erase file: XXXXXXXX XXX

(the xxx's are any letters or numbers like 1XLD9843.FMN)

All those eraser created files are like this (in DOS)

XXXXXXXX XXX 8.3 720 14.00.84 6.14

Please, if someone knows how to get rid of those flies. There are over 32,000 of them. I don't want to format my drive.