can Eraser damage a hard drive?

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The other night I erased several large files and my hard drive is now making loud clicking sounds - an early sign of impending hard drive failure. I'm also having trouble running applications and my computer spontaneously reboots.

In my opinion the timing of this failure is too strange to be a coincidence and I suspect that Eraser has damaged my hard drive. My theory is that erasing files by repeatedly overwriting the same area of the disk puts a lot of stress on the moving parts of the hard drive, and that the internal drive mechanisms were not designed with this type of "unnatural" disk access pattern in mind.

I'd love to hear from anyone with knowledge in this area, but even if Eraser isn't the cause of my problems I definitely won't be using this product again - it's just not worth the risk.
I'm not all that knowledgable about the inner workings of harddrives, but I erase the hell out of files on my pc (30 random passes, several directories on startup and shutdown) and have never experienced a problem similar to what your having. Check this site out I'm sure you can find a tool to use to see if your drive is actually damaged...maybe not.

Good luck! :roll:
I have to agree with newhart on that steve, i wipe the hell out of heavy image files every single day and i not in nearly a year now had any indication of a problem coming from the Hard drive, thats not to say it can't happen. be it Eraser or any other app in due time, but i couldn't in all honesty say Eraser has a time limitation where the usage finally outlasts itself & degrades a hard drive.

Let us know what you find out.