Can Eraser delete Whole Computer ???


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I want to know that whether Eraser has a feture to Delete whole computer at one go ??

please do answer as soon as possible ....

Thanking You...
You need to use DBAN.

I pulled this from the FAQ:

Erasing your Hard Drive Completely
How do I Erase my entire hard drive(s) on my PC?
Eraser uses the 'Darik's Boot and Nuke' disk option to erase all your hard drives.
To use this option:
1. Place a floppy (or CD) in your a: drive.
2. Click on the Start button and then choose Programs->Eraser->Create Boot Nuke Disk.
3. Ensure 'Writing on Floppy' is ticked. Tick 'Formatting' if your floppy needs to be formatted.
4. Click OK. Result: Your Boot Nuke Disk has now been created.
5. Boot up your PC with the floppy still remaining in your a: drive.
Remember: If you wish to erase the Hard Disk of another PC, then bring this Floppy to the PC, insert it into the a: drive and Boot it up.
Also, if you need to if you need to boot from CD (because you don't have a floppy drive) then you will have to set your PC to boot from CD within the BIOS of the PC.

Result: All drives will now be erased (including the Operating System)
For a summary:
'Darik's Boot and Nuke' ("DBAN") is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an appropriate utility for bulk or emergency data destruction.'