Can Eraser Get Rid of a Computer Virus?


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Hello. I have a spare 40 GB hard drive I want to start using that has a computer virus on it that won't go away even after I format it. I was wondering if a program like Eraser 5.3 could erase it completely, like erase the boot sectors or what have you.

Keep in mind I DO want to erase the WHOLE hard drive. There's NOTHING on it I want to keep.

I've tried looking at similar programs but UBCSWipe can only be downloaded from the University of Bristol, NOD32 for DOS (trial version) won't fit onto a floppy, GAWipe costs money (I think) but tech support says it would work and BCWipe has a free demo but apparently won't work from a floppy and tech support said it wouldn't take care of the virus (though they seem to have misunderstood me. They thought I wanted to keep some data that was already on the HD; I don't. I want the whole 40 GB's erased, overwritten, whatever). If I booted Eraser from a write-protected floppy, would it delete the virus? If not, what do you recommend I do so I can use the HD?

What about this "Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) ," or some of the similar programs at the bottom of the page ( Would one of those work?

Thank you very much for any info you can give.

DBAN will indeed remove viruses from a hard disk. Use the "quick erase" method to clean the infected hard disk.

Install the latest version of Eraser and create a DBAN floppy with the shortcut in the Eraser group in the Start Menu.