Can Eraser just clean directory of old entries?


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I have an external USB drive (NTFS) packed full of data I don't want to lose or erase. However I DO want to purge the disk's directory of all reference to files that have been deleted. I don't want these old filenames showing up in a standard "undelete" program's scan.

I'm not worried about old files actually being recovered because they've all been overwritten many times by now. I just want to get the last traces of them - the old directory entries - removed.

I understand that Eraser specializes in cleaning whole HDDs. That's not what I want - in fact I want to be sure it won't delete anything. But I get the impression that maybe I can have it just clean the directory. Is this feasible?

What you are looking for is a Unused Space erasure, use that from Eraser to get rid of these old entries, files will be left alone (if you disable cluster tip erasure)