Can I Convert Apple Music M4P/AAC to MP3?


A file with the M4P file extension is an iTunes Audio file or sometimes called an iTunes Music Store Audio file. It's really just an AAC file that's copy protected using a proprietary DRM technology created by Apple.

M4P files are seen when downloading music from the iTunes Store. Similar to this format is M4A, which is also an iTunes Audio file, but one that is not copy protected.

M4P files can be opened with Apple's iTunes. However, the computer you're using iTunes on must be authorized in order to play the M4P file. How to solve this problem? What you need is a third-party Apple Music Converter.
Three are many Apple Music Converter in market, I have ever used UkeySoft Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music M4P to MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, AU and M4A, so I can keep Apple Music songs forever on Mac after downloading and converting them to MP3, the free version of UkeySoft allow free to convert the first three minutes of each Apple Music files.


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Whatever the format of Apple Music, all playlist on Apple Music are protected by DRM, remove DRM from Apple Music library, drag DRM-free Apple Music playlist to other music players or mobile device.
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