Can I download to new computer and copy program to old one?


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I understand I can create a boot nuke disk from my new computer and put it in the old computer (which is not hooked up to the internet), but I don't want to wipe the entire disk. Just want to clean it up and give the computer to someone with the operating system intact.

Soooooo, can I copy the program onto a CD R, and then install it in the old computer?
If you mean the Eraser program, then yes. Copy either the original Eraser57SetUp compressed (zip) folder or the extracted Eraser57Setup folder to your old computer then run the EraserSetUp Application file. The program will then install as normal.
Thanks for the reply.

I copied eraser to the old computer and it's working right now. I'm glad I can give this computer to someone with a functional operating system, but without the junk.