Can I run Eraser 6 without the window/taskbar part?


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I did this with Eraser 5.8.8 by not allowing it to run at start-up. I just want the context menu and the small windows that pop up immediately, I didn't use the scheduler anyway in 5.8.8.

Just thought I would ask because the GUI annoys me, don't know why, I just much prefer the 5.8.8 experience. :|
Thanks a lot for the link, I'm sorry that I didn't see it before posting this thread.

You made some good points in that post, I will continue with v6 to see if I get accustomed to it. If not I can go back to 5.8.8 until you release v6.2, it sounds like you will be adding some nice improvements. Thanks again!
It is a rather large paradigm shift, I do agree, and some users will find it hard to migrate up. But that seems to be the design principles Microsoft is adopting as well (have you seen the new file copy dialog for Windows 8? I wanted Eraser to emulate that -- but seems like Microsoft beat me to it in designing a more useable UI, haha)
Hmm, I haven't seen it, I do have Win8 installed for dual boot, will have to check it out the next time I'm messing with it. Gotta say, I hate the Metro GUI though. =|