Can I select drives on 2.2.6?


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I have a 1TB external drive that I need to wipe but I can't seem to find the answer on whether or not you can select what drives to wipe or if it still just wipes every drive it detects. I don't want to wipe my internal hard drive so can I deselect that or should I remove the internal all together or do you have any other suggestions.

I would use Eraser rather than DBAN for this job. Assuming you are using the latest stable Eraser build, (quick) format the drive, then wipe the free (= all the) space.

DBAN will let you pick which drives you want to erase, however, the drive labels etc do not exist (DBAN is filesystem agnostic) so you'll need to determine which drive is which purely based on geometry (size of drive) and location identifier (/dev/sda1 etc). I'd second David on this, in this set of circumstances, Eraser on Windows is safer.