Can I use DBAN?



I can't get past the bootscreen on my other PC lol so I can use DBAN with no problems right? I have a 160 GB HD but only used about 18 GB's after I format it using DBAN will I get all 160GB's cause b4 it only gave me 127 very wierd. THX for replying in advance
I just tried it and I get a blank black screen when I put the CD in and I see a

little dash - and after than I go back to my bootscreena nd it freezes. I took

the .iso and put it on a CDRW using nero bundled I used the dick data

feature to burn the CD
Don't burn an .iso as a data disk. An .iso is an image and needs to be burned as an image.

Using Nero, click file, burn image, and select the .iso
Won't work I don't know why now I also have Easy CD Creator 5 platinum any ideas. thx
I just started the process I'm doing a autonuke onmy 160 GB so after it's done just pop in the Win XP cd and I'm ready to go?

Also before it was showing me 131 000 MB but I had a 160 GB so it should have said 170 000 MB right, so after this will it fix that problem and in the BIOS it says 160 GB WIERD :x :wink:
It really isn't that weird. Marketing departments advertise drives as a certain size even when the real size is smaller. For example,

1,024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte (KB)
1,024 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte (MB) (1,024 * 1,024 = 1,048,576 bytes)
1,024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte (GB) (1,024 * 1,024 * 1,024 = 1,073,741,824 bytes)

159,987,531,776 bytes = 149GB
161,061,273,600 bytes = 150GB

So, the marketing team looks at the 161 trillion bytes and says "That's 160 gigs", but in reality it is closer to 150GB. The more they choose to play with the math, the farther off the actual numbers will be from the advertised numbers.
Yes, I understand that completly but I said I was getting 127 out of 160. If it was 15 out of 160 I wouldn't have said anything but 127 / 160 WAYY OFFF.

Why is this and even after I used DBAN an formated again using Windows??
The Microsoft Windows installation media that you are using does not have support for disks larger than 127 gigabytes. Read the FAQ for details.