Can only run eraser once without uninstall | reinstall


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Using ver with Windows 7.

I can run Eraser once, to erase a single file or to clean up all unused space, but before I can run it again, I have to uninstall it and reinstall it from the control panel.

Otherwise, when I try to run it a second time, even for a different file, it will popup immediately with the message that it is completed, when in fact it is not.

Is there something I am missing in the install process?

Thanks in advance.
That's a very weird observation. How are you able to determine that Eraser completed the task but the file was left behind? Does the task log say anything?
Right. I agree, that is weird.

I apologize if I was not clear. It is not that the file was left behind. Eraser does a great job at making sure it was not. It is that when I later go to use eraser on another file or to erase unused space, I can only do so if I uninstall | reinstall it. That is, when I attempt to run it, it will immediately tell me it was completed.

I never had this problem with earlier versions. This is a newer computer, and I downloaded a fresh copy to it to use a couple of months ago. I have only had this problem on this computer, not on my former one.
Yes, so, in the subsequent times you run Eraser on a file, you run the task and the task immediately runs and disappears without any action done? In those cases, would the file be left behind?

It would be great if you can detail the exact steps to reproduce the problem, including creating the task. Using (or modifying) that would probably provide some clues as to the behaviour.
It is more likely to happen when I want to erase unused disc space. If it has been run once, even quite awhile ago, I will get the error message.

Here are my steps: From My Computer or Explorer, right click on the C: drive, select eraser, and then "erase unused space" from the choice of three (the other two being "erase" and "erase on restart"). Then I will, as I said, immediately get the balloon message that the task has been completed, when in fact could not have been completed that fast.

If I uninstall it and then reinstall it, it will run just fine.