Can you Autonuke only one HD?


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I currently have changed the syslinus.cfg with a prompt of 0 and the default dod. Which is great since I want to boot the pc, insert the bootable cd and walk off to get other things while it is wiping or even wipe several pc's at once. The problem is that I have more than one HD in a few pc's, a 40g for the OS and a 250g for backups. I do not want DBAN to wipe the backup drives, yet it wipes both of them at the same time. Which is no good.

Is ther a way to modify the settings for say the dod template as to where it only wipes the master HD?

I was thinking that surely you can modify the following for that:
LABEL  dod
KERNEL kernel.bzi
APPEND initrd=initrd.gz root=/dev/ram0 init=/rc nuke="dwipe --autonuke --method dod522022m" silent
Or perhaps even the autonuke template but I do not know the syntax of the template above or the autonuke template and I am looking for some examples.

Any help or direction will be appriciated... TIA
Is ther a way to modify the settings for say the dod template as to where it only wipes the master HD?
Yes, put the unix device name in the nuke parameter. For example:

nuke="dwipe --autonuke --method dod522022m /dev/hda"

Where /dev/hda is the first enumerated disk. Note that unix device names do not always correspond to drive letters in Microsoft Windows, so you might wipe the wrong disk.

/dev/hda: Master Primary Channel
/dev/hdb: Slave Primary Channel
/dev/hdc: Master Secondary Channel
/dev/hdd: Slave Secondary Channel
hey do you have a link that has the following drives documented:


no need for IDE really, the /dev/hda, b, c, d refer to the IDE drives.

I tried what you said and no worky but it is running on a SATA drive so I thought that may be the issue.

In fact do you have a general /dev list that specifies what devices should be named in linux?
I was mistaken. The current release uses DevFS names, not traditional device nodes. Try something like "/dev/discs/disc0" or "/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc" instead.

YMMV. Be aware that you could easily wipe the wrong disc.
Is there a tool I can boot off or execute to identify the /dev names for hardware in my pc's? Paticularly for HD's. If not any general linux hardware indentification tool for the latest release will do... TIA
No, DevFS is being phased out and DBAN is a corner case.

If you use "debug" or "shell" at the boot prompt, then DBAN will start into a share. If you have some familiarity with shell commands, then you might be able to get information from /proc or /dev.