Cannot Access Eraser After XPSP3 Upgrade

Matt Erooni

New Member
Hi there.

I have just upgraded from Win XP SP2 to SP3. Once that was done and all set up, the password I had set for Eraser no longer I am now unable to access the program.

Have done the following...
Uninstalled, then reinstalled - issue remains so am guessing some info re the previous install is left in the registry during program removal.

Searched the registry... cannot find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Heidi Computers Ltd\Eraser\PROTECT key referred to in a previous thread re lost passwords.

So am a bit stuck.

Any advice much appreciated...thanks in advance!
I am using XP home I updated from SP2 to SP3 yesterday, I use Opera browser. I am erasing the contents of the browsers cashe folder right now. You are looking in the wrong place, try searching for the Heidi folder. My Heidi key is located HKEY_CURRENT_USSER\SOFTWARE\Heidi Computers Ltd (I have not set a password so it only says default and value not set) Then click on Eraser to open it and edit the protect value.
Thanks for this.

In the meantime I have done a rebuild of the system back to the state it was in prior to the SP3 upgrade. Then was able to enter my password successfully...after which I have turned protection off for now.

However...I will check out the registry location all the same as I am hoping to re do the SP3 upgrade again later today.