Cannot Access Eraser After XPSP3 Upgrade

Matt Erooni

New Member
Hi there.

I have just upgraded from Win XP SP2 to SP3. Once that was done and all set up, the password I had set for Eraser no longer I am now unable to access the program.

Have done the following...
Uninstalled, then reinstalled - issue remains so am guessing some info re the previous install is left in the registry during program removal.

Searched the registry... cannot find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Heidi Computers Ltd\Eraser\PROTECT key referred to in a previous thread re lost passwords.

So am a bit stuck.

Any advice much appreciated...thanks in advance!


I am using XP home I updated from SP2 to SP3 yesterday, I use Opera browser. I am erasing the contents of the browsers cashe folder right now. You are looking in the wrong place, try searching for the Heidi folder. My Heidi key is located HKEY_CURRENT_USSER\SOFTWARE\Heidi Computers Ltd (I have not set a password so it only says default and value not set) Then click on Eraser to open it and edit the protect value.

Matt Erooni

New Member
Thanks for this.

In the meantime I have done a rebuild of the system back to the state it was in prior to the SP3 upgrade. Then was able to enter my password successfully...after which I have turned protection off for now.

However...I will check out the registry location all the same as I am hoping to re do the SP3 upgrade again later today.