cannot delete folder "H8GTT781.L1J1"/no access to


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i used eraser on my external maxtor hd, and eraser crashed at about 70%. now i have the problem that a folder named "H8GTT781.L1J1" was created, which cannot be deleted (can be deleted with eraser, but than another one with similar name is created) and cannot be accessed.
i have a lot of data on this hd (about 150 gb), and this data is partially gone. some data is showed correctly in the explorer but cannot be accessed. explorer crashes while trying or says something like "I/O hardware error". i tried to access with linux, no success. i tried to make a chkdsk /F with the result that it says "data segment [about] 1.000 - 20.000 cannot be read" (i don't know the right failure notice in english) and chkdsk crashes after some hours.
i hope, somebody can help me!!!
thx very much,
If your intent is to wipe the whole drive, then I suggest using DBAN instead of Eraser. Even a single wipe with DBAN will clear your entire drive (or partition if you prefer).
first, thx for answering.
however, my intent is to get my "lost" data (maybe it's still there but explorer crashes) back and to delete the folder "H8GTT781.L1J1" without creating a new one. maybe, someone could just explain what happened to my hd, because i'm a complete newbie and cannot explain it to myself! wiping the drive is the last option if nothing else works...
would be nice if someone was able to help me!

mmh, seems that noone can help me?!?
Can you access the drive from DOS. If so you might try to delete the file using DOS or copy the other files you want to keep from the drive.
no, this doesn't work...
message: something like "file or folder is corrupt and not readable, run chkdsk"
the other point is, that a huge part of my data (about 60gb) is gone or inaccessible. how can this happen??? i want to save this data somehow. maybe there is a problem with the hd header file??? or maybe the hd is damaged... no, seriously, i have no clue.
it would be nice if someone could help me with this, the data is really important!!!