cannot delete long paths


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I accidentally created an endless programming loop, which created many folders with hundreds of subfolders, before I caught it. Now, XP won't let me delete these folders, because the path name exceed the max. So I tried to use ERASER on the parent folder, but it's giving me an error message "No Data to Erase". Is there any way I can do this with ERASER? Thanks
It may be possible, but first answer me this: How are you attempting to do it?

Eraser removes paths, but I believe it doesn't go through the shell so it isn't bound by the limitation.

Thanks for your help, Joel; I'm new to ERASER.
I created a New Task for "Files in Folder", and entered the directory name as
C:\Documents and Settings\MyName\GarbageDirectoryCannotDelete
and checked both "subfolders" & "Remove Folders", but not "Only Subfolders".
Then I clicked OK, and right-clicked on the task & hit "Run".
I got Failure #1, Item "Error: There was nothing to erase."