Cannot delete ver 5.8.8-


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Need some assistance-
I cannot delete ver 5.8.8---I get an error message claiming ERASER is running and I need to close it....
There is no ERASER process running---I verified this viewing PROCESSES thru the WINDOWS TASK MANAGER as well as using an app called PROCESS EXPLORER.
A search in this forum mentioned the editing of registry key in HKLocalMachine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run--I cannot find an ERASER entry!
Could someone walk me through a method of deleting this software-
WIN XP Pro sp3
PS- things I've tried-
1. Machine REBOOT
2. exiting Eraser from the system tray area
3. changing PREFERENCES so ERASER will not start at WINDOWS STARTUP, clear pagefile on shutdown....
Ammended 3:38 PM
I was able to rid myself of this app using REVO
QUESTION- I'm left with erasel.exe in my WINDOWS\system32 folder---it's still active thru a right-click on the RECYCLE icon---
can I simply delete this light app and get things back the way they were before I installed the full version of ERASE???
If you're talking about the uninstaller, you should terminate Explorer.exe after you start the uninstaller. Explorer locks an instance of Eraser in memory and the files can't be removed...
Thank-you for taking the time to read my post----
I've found my answers elsewhere.............