cannot 'Drag and Drop' in Eraser Explorer


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Hello Last,

My configuration:
- Eraser 5.7
- Dell C400, Ram 500MB, Windows XP Pro

Probably my stupidity :( however I cannot drag and drop as per Help Topics instructions (Help Topics/Eraser/Explorer).

Dragging the file goes OK but nothing happens when dropping it on the Eraser Icon.

For info file erasing works fine both with 'leftclick' in Explorer and Eraser 'On Demand' menu

Question : is this a known issue? :roll:

Thks fr yr time
You are not supposed to drop files on the icon, but instead hold the mouse over the icon for a while, until the On-Demand screen opens. Then drag the files over the On-Demand list and drop them there. I hope this is what you meant.