Cannot erase network files using UNC paths


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I've searched the forum and the FAQ about that topic, but I couldn't find anything. I've encountered a little problem:
When I try to erase a file on another computer via network, it works only if I have mapped that drive to a drive letter. If I just access the other computer using the "My network places - Entire network - Microsoft...etc." (so using the UNC path, e.g. \\computername\drive\folder\file) Eraser only gives me a message:
Error: There was nothing to erase
Mapping the drive and trying to erase the same file works fine, but I don't map every drive...
So I wonder if that's a bug or if I make some mistake.
Used OS: All my systems run Windows XP Professional with servicepack 2 and latest patches.
I'm not too sure about this, but I believe it's got something to do with the way permissions are done in Windows. You do have to log in to the remote account before you can access the share.