Cannot erase Ver. 5.7. Ugh!


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Using the Add/Erase facility on XP, an attempt to erase 5.7 so that 5.8
can be installed results in the error message:

unins000.dat does not exist. Cannot uninstall.

What to do?


Did you try the "Un-install" option in the Start/Programs/Eraser context menu? Pete
Re-download and re-install v.5.7 from the site. Then see if you have either of those options again. You can re-install it over the top of what's already there. Pete
Funny...I had thought of doing that yesterday, but got distracted by
something else and didn't get around to it.

I did so today -- and of course it worked.

Now, can I safely use Ver. 5.8? I've just scanned some rather
alarming disasters after installing it from some posters here.
Has it been vetted by experienced users?

Thanks *very* much for your help!
The only critical thing for you not to do with v5.8 is to attempt using Option #5 on either the Files or Unused Disk Space tabs (Edit/Preferences/Erasing).

Do not - under any circumstances - select "Only first and last 2KB" as your method-of-choice on either tab. Pete
llclarknj said:
Is that the only substantial difference from V. 5.7?
for deleting and unused disk space, yes. the other main ones are (from memory) the password protection and the ability to shut down Windows after a free space wipe.