Cannot get DBAN on to a CD


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I have tried a number of ways of loading the DBAN onto a CD. I have gone directly to sourceforge and loaded the .iso from their site directly to the CD. I have also tried loading the .exe to CD. Neither worked. I have also downloaded eraser to my laptop, and followed the instructions to download to a floppy per the eraser site, and I am unable to choose a drive. I'm running DBAN 1.0.7 on an HP Presario V2000, AMD Mobile Sempron 1.7 GHZ,120GB, 768MB RAM. I have installed the software, and when I follow the directions I get to the part where I Choose my drive. It doesn't show a drive to choose in the WinImage Self Extractor. How do I copy this to a CD? I need the bootDisk for another laptop I own, as well as for the former HD I had in this laptop. I would do the erasing on the other laptop. It only has a DVD-ROM on it, no floppy. It also has USB ports. Any help creating the bootdisk would be appreciated.

I would hope that you used a burning program like nero and used it's burn iso feature and didnt just dump the iso file onto the cd... i have downloaded and burned the iso several times and never has it caused me any problems and every burn works (i must have 10 or 12 of the cd's here by now!)....