cannot get rid of erased file icon on desktop


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I am new to Eraser [Portable] and EraserDrop [Portable].
I was playing with Eraser Portable to learn about it.

I created an empty text file "bogus.txt" on my desktop.
I dragged it to my Windows Recycle Bin.

I opened Eraser Portable and went looking for it.
I could not find it by name in the Recycle Bin.

So I went into the Recycle Bin and restored it.
Then it was back on the Desktop as before.

I again looked for it in Eraser Portable and found it.
I erased it from the On Demand screen.

The icon did not disappear from my desktop.

I tried dragging it to my Recycle Bin again --
no joy, Windows reports:
"Could not find this item
This is no longer located in
Verify the item's location and try again."

Same result from right clicking the icon
and selecting Delete.

Opening a command prompt, CDing to
my Desktop directory, and running DIR,
I do not find the file.

Likewise running ATTRIB it does not appear.

My only evidence of its semi-existence is the
Desktop icon.

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

I had been planning to recommend Eraser
to my clients and incorporate it into a bundle,
but between this problem, and the reports of
it containing a Trojan, I am nervous.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
You just need to refresh the desktop, right-click on the blank area and select Refresh, or hit F5. EraserDrop isn't created by us, however.