Cannot run dban


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Hi all, I have an old Pentium 200MMX computer that works well. Recently my office has a spare harddisk lying around and I found it to be in VERY good external condition. Decided to bring it home to install on the P200MMX.

After physical installation of the harddisk as the primary drive, I boot up using the Win95 Startup diskette on "A:" drive and did the following:
1) GD - to clear the harddisk of old data. No problems.
2) FDisk - while going through the fdisk procedure, at the point where the partitions are being set, I keep getting the message: "ERROR WRITING DISK". Tried to fdisk at least 10 times and each time got this same message.
3) Format C: - I have tried to ignore the fdisk message (above) on 5 of these 10 occasions and continued to format the C drive. But each time I get the message: "CANNOT FORMAT NETWORK DRIVE"

Then someone advised me to try using dban to clear my whole Harddisk and reformat again. I went to the website and downloaded the floppy version onto a floppy disk. I had to use my laptop to do the download as note that the P200MMX desktop has a "dead" HDD (hard disk drive).

After downloading, I inserted the diskette into the FDD (floppy disk drive) of the P200MMX and boot up the system. However the system did not detect any operating systems (just like if you have no harddisk and no floppy inserted).

I checked and realised that the downloaded file in the floppy was in zip file and to unzip, the resulting files will be too large for a single 1.44 MB floppy to contain. I therefore unzipped and saved the unzipped files onto a CDRW.

I then set the P200MMX to boot up from the CDRom. Inserted the CDRW into the CDRom drive and observed that during boot up, the system does go to the CDRom drive to search, but it does not "auto-rum" the dban program as what my friend told me it should.

So how can I use the dban program to clear my Harddisk? Please advise. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your quick assistance.
You need to double-click the "install" program to create the DBAN floppy. Unpacking the zip file to a blank floppy will not work.

Installation instructions are in the README file.