cannot uninstall windows 7 ultimate x64


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guys I really appreciate your hard work but it is major nuisance to have to run down the forum, register for the forum, confirm, come here, post, all just to uninstall a package.
I have the latest eraser on my windows 7 lab mule and it will not uninstall, throwing a code 2203.

please give me the magic incantation to get this done.

also, if you care to comment: is there a problem in Eraser that defeats its use on a usb connected drive [the target for erasure]. i got affirmatives on the tasks completed with no errors, checked the location using a forensics package, and the files that were "erased" were in fine shape. no overwriting, no deleting
To take your last question first, I use Eraser on USB connected drives all the time, and check the erase successfully. But these are all spinning drives. Flash drives and SSDs have wear levelling mechanisms which defeat standard erasure techniques and are impossible to circumvent because they work below (and are not visible to) the file system. Free space erase (which fills the drive) does work on these solid state devices, but should not be used too often because of the wear implications.

Sadly, your problem with the uninstall is almost certainly the result of a faulty installation in the first place. you could try installing Eraser again over the current install, so see if uninstallation works, but that is by no means a certain fix. If you search the forum using the term 'brute force', you will find several topics where full manual uninstallation of Eraser is described.

It does seem like a corrupt Windows Installer Database. I don't know any workarounds here except to reinstall Windows.

There are fix-it tools available; you can try
But if Windows has a corrupt installer database (or the installer is otherwise not working properly), Windows is, in that regard, clearly not 'fine'. There is no point in blaming the program if the Windows installer has not installed it correctly.

Which same problem? The OP describes two.