Cannot unistall Eraser 5.84


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Hi, when I run Eraser uninstall (either in "Add/Remove Programs" or via Unistall shortcut in start menu) Eraser does not get uninstalled, instead Eraser gets installed again. Please help.


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Hi czechmate

That’s an unusual problem you have there !

Can I just ask what operating system you have and are you logged in as admin ?

Also do you have any other programs running that may cause this problem, such as sandbox type programs.


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Hi Overwriter,

thanks for your response. I am running WindowsXP SP2 on compaq nx7000 (notebook). Not sure what sandbox type of program is, these are the major apps I've got installed:

AVG Internet Security
Office 2003, Word and Excell only
Outlook Express
Windows Media Player 11
Roxio easy CD creator
PaintShopPro 7
Adobe reader 8
Quote Tracker (stock charting app)
a few small apps like editors, catalogs, graphic viewer etc.

I disabled AVG and tried to uninstall, no joy.

One thing puzzles me, "uninstall" shortcut properties show this command string: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\{74D61F17-FFC2-41AF-96E5-1DCB0631B6D1}\EraserSetup32.exe"

In other words the "unistall" link is running the install program. The question is: how does the install program know it is supposed to do uninstall? Is there not perhaps a command line argument missing, something like:
".....B6D1}\EraserSetup32.exe -unistall".
I've tried to run it with "-n" and "-uninstall" parameters but no joy.


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Hi czechmate :)

Just to let you know I have read your post and that I am thinking about it. I have no explanation just yet but I will get back to you when I think of something.

It is an unusual problem though ! :?



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Hi czechmate :)

I just want to make sure that you are not performing a “repair” when you get to the uninstall window.

When you use the shortcut start/allprograms/Eraser/UninstallEraser are you presented with the uninstall / repair window ? If so are you certain that uninstall is selected ?


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The problem you have relates to the windows installer.
If you download and install eraser again. Then reboot and goto add/remove programs and uninstall from there. what happens?