can't burn CDR nuke/have read other posts


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I've read the other posts about problems burning the nuke disk to CD. I've downloaded the ISO to the desktop, then burned the file to cdr using sonic and cdburnerxp pro. I have not extracted the iso file, simpley downloaded to the desktop then added the file in the cd burning window for making a data disk. I've tried different CDs, redownloaded the file from different sites and deleted and redownloaded several times. I keep getting the error "current image format is not supported by the drive".
Any suggestions? Thanks.

I've also redownloaded the file directly to be burned on the cdr with the same result.

I've downloaded and burned to the cd using cdburnxp pro by going into the program file menu and selecting write disk from iso. After writing to the cd, there were 10 files on the CD. I continue to receive the above error.