Can't create Boot Nuke Disk



I am getting a new computer this week. I have downloaded and installed Eraser 5.7 on my present computer. I want to erase the hard drive before I sell it. I put a floppy in the A: drive to create the Boot Nuke Disk. It sounds like it's writing to the disk, but when it's done, there is nothing on the disk. The WinImage Self Extractor window closes and the screen goes back to the desktop. I tried using a different disk and the same thing happened. How do I create the disk? My CD-RW drive is E: and the window does not give me the option to change to that drive and save to CD instead of a floppy.


You could get the original dban files from DBan web site and install it that way. You will find both floppy and cd images there[/url]