Can't delete a file


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This post is my first here so I'm not sure this is the right place. I'd thank you a lot help me as even Microsoft tech support men were unable..& suggested to format the HD
As I do regularly I downloaded a movie .MKV file (legit site) but this time something happened & when I touched the folder which I download the file in order to access the downloaded file it caused the win explorer to crash & restart & crash again & restart getting into an infinite loop. the problem is that I did a stupid move as i downloaded the file within the Desktop folder, so now I can't use my computer unless I start via Safe mode. Via Safe mode I can get to the file but when I try to delete it, the deletion is getting stacked again, a 'preparing to recycle' system window appears but its never end to 'preparing to recycle' ...... thus again I can't solve the problem,

Help Anyone?

Thank You in advance

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